In early June of this year, the Denka Logistics LLC working group visited logistics complexes in Germany and the SEMAT exhibition, which takes place every three years in Hanover at the invitation of our partner company SSI-Schaefer.

The route began from the warehouse “Beeline”, serving stores with jewelry products throughout Europe. This company has very interesting solutions for accepting small goods with the help of the SSI-Schaefer sorting station.

We were very surprised by the control system for the staff, namely by its absence. Control of the entrance/exit of the warehouse staff is not carried out, full confidence in everyone.

The solution on heating the warehouse turned out to be very interesting, using only the “Warm Floor” system, which made it possible to significantly reduce energy costs.

In Erfurt, we visited the warehouse “Baur”.

300 kilometers away it is the warehouse of the “KNV” company, which occupies an area of 350 thousand m2.

Servicing the online orders of the product group: books, magazines, multimedia products.

The vast territory is fully automated with SSI-Schaefer equipment”.

There are a lot of ideas on the organization of the workplace of the packer controller, order picker, solutions for equipping the single-piece and mix storage of goods, which will be applied in our logistics complex in the future.

In Hannover – a visit to CEMAT the logistics exhibition, a huge number of participants who provide their products, equipment, software for logistics companies.

Such trips allow our company to always stay abreast of trends and new global logistics and warehouse services market. New equipment development, proven and well-established European business processes – all this gives a huge number of ideas that we implement in our company, taking into account the global and European experience.