Additional services

In addition to standard warehouse handling operations, our company offers a number of additional services aimed at solving the maximum number of tasks facing the business.

Collection of goods from the supplier. The service includes the supply of transport to the warehouse of the supplier, single-piece reception of goods according to delivery documents. Delivery of goods to our logistics complex.

Filling out warranty cards is a solution for online stores that sell electronics.

Goods sticker labeling. Production and drawing of any information labels on a box or on each unit of goods.

Each shipping place can be equipped with promotional materials. Inform your customers about the planned promotions and sales!

Installation of alarm tags and sizing price tags. Reduce the time of getting the goods on the shelf! With this service, your product will come to the store completely ready for laying-out. The price tag is applied during shipment, so the information will always be relevant.

Formation of the promotional sets. Are you planning an action or an advertising campaign? We will collect a set of any complexity and carry out pre-sale preparation of goods according to your order.

Sticker labeling

Alarm tag installation

Embedding advertising materials

Formation of the promotional sets